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Daphne is a Nationally Certified Sober Coach, Sober Companion, Safe Transport, Relapse Prevention Professional and currently working to add Clinical Trauma Specialist as well a Trauma Support Specialist Certification. She wants to share her experience, strength and hope with everyone to show that recovery is possible. She defiantly puts the same effort and time in to her recovery as she did her drinking. She has a passion for helping the struggling alcoholic/addict to obtain a life lived without substances. She is a empath and truly feels the pain of others, especially those still in active addiction. She will guide, mentor & support her clients on the road to recovery.  She will provide one-on-one support , she will offer guidance, be your motivator, and offer accountability needed to benefit the clients recovery. Your best interest is her focus. She will walk with you step by step staying ever so focused on the clients best interest while helping them stay sober through it all. 

Daphne uses a personal recovery path. She has been sober since July of 2018, after attending an intensive inpatient treatment for 90 days. After completing treatment, she embarked on a new Spiritual Path. She spends her days helping others, as well as sponsees around the world as well as locally. She is currently living between the Florida Coast and South Texas. She recovers out loud trying being the voice she never heard but needed.  Prayer, Meditation, Yoga and healthy eating/living is her new way of life.

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