closing IG for spiritual maintenance...

I can’t pour from an empty cup. For most people, this pandemic has left them bored, for me I have gone into overdrive. I must take a step back from the constant distractions so that spiritually I can refocus on me and work on me, my maintenance has started getting neglected- while hosting 9 zoom meetings a week, working with others remotely, trying to stay caught up on IG (which it impossible), sponsees, text messages, DMs, emails, a neglected website & YouTube channel, family, painting, exercise(ugh) …LIFE! {y’all see where this is going?} 

I am a real person, I admit that I get overwhelmed helping others each day, countless hours, in many different ways- trying to always be available but neglecting  “helping me”, putting everyone first. I always want to be there however when my anxiety kicks in, I know it’s time to take a step back and revaluate. Time to make new boundaries for myself. I don’t always have to be accessible and I am trying to take the advice I give to sponsees and those who ask! {took long enough!}  I’d rather do 2-3 things 110% not 1,287 half assed! Like with my drinking career, I was all or nothing and that’s how I am with my recovery & carrying the message. I will still be on the 9 meetings.  I however, will not be on IG. If you need passwords or info on them, please contact Brad. You can email me at nomowinodaph@gmail.com and I will get back “when I am able”. I am unplugging this phone from my ass for a week-stay sober my friends! Much love to you all!

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