Are you grateful...

People that I meet think I am utterly #crazy when I tell them how #grateful I am for all the shit I went through. ⁠
It actually wasn't "that" much BUT to say I am #thankful I got a #dui and spent 6 days in #detox 90 days in a #rehab #alcohol #treatment facility is enough to leave people in awe thinking I’m #crazy. This is something you can’t explain to people who aren’t one of “us”. ⁠
...its clear, plain and simple...⁠
I won't forget that shit and FOR TODAY, it keeps me #sober. One day at a time!!⁠
I wake up every morning and thank #god for another day #sober and super excited to see what He has in store me for.....like a little kid on Christmas morning! I wake up full of anticipation!

If you have been through #hell and back and don’t see the light yet...stay tuned. I am here to testify that one day you will see the silver lining my friend... I didn’t think it would come but it did, much sooner than I ever imagine. Sometimes you have to go through hell to get to #Heaven

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