The unknown...

You never know what each new may bring in sobriety...

As I type this I’m sitting in the court room with a friend for support. The first time I’ve been in one where they said we could use our phones AND I HAVE NO DAMN SERVICE! 
That’s probably why they said we could lol However it’s the perfect opportunity to write and save this in my notes for later. 

My point I was making is that if you had told me this time last year that I would be accompanying a SOBER friend to court for support (and use the 2 words in the same sentence!) I would have said yea fuck that noise. (That’s how we alcoholics think...a friend that doesn’t drink...nahhhh) 
Of course I would always support and be there for anyone at anytime but shit just different today. I’m sober to be present. I am here for support. I’m not people pleasing. I’m doing my part of being responsible anytime anywhere anyone reaches out in this program. I have to have an open and willing hand to help my sober tribe! 

I’ve been here since 12:30pm and when I’m done here, I’m off to another court house to support another friend in the program. Hopefully I’ll make it by her time. 
As you can tell by my words, we may get sober but problems still linger from our past. 

Before you pick of that next drink, ask yourself if you’re willing to pay the consequences! If the answer if yes, well drink that shit up! No seriously, just say no ❤️

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