Where have these months gone...

Wow so I am almost hitting the 11th month mark! I honestly can say without a doubt I never ever imagined hitting the 11th hour without alcohol!

It is very true what they say, it works if you like it! I am very open about my journey, and I have chosen a way of life. I think it had to do with the 90 days I spent in treatment. It was a 12 step program. I studied the big book in depth and attended AA meetings every day while I was there.

I have heard many people say that AA is not for them and who in the hell am I to tell anybody what is right or wrong. If you have found something that works for you, that is awesome! I would just suggest making sure that you stay plugged in to whatever it is daily. it was ingrained in my head early on in treatment, that anything you put above your recovery, you will lose. I keep that in the forefront, never to forget because I’ll be damned if I go back to what I was saved from!

If you are thinking that you may have a problem with alcohol, I suggest you go sit in on an AA meeting you never know what you’ll hear. But for me, I believe if I have to ask the question, I probably already know the answer.

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