Wow talk about procrastination. I have so much time each day, and yet I just cannot seem to sit my ass down and get my YouTube videos made. I am trying so hard to have a schedule, to do things routinely, it’s just getting it down on paper that is about to throw me over the edge. I swear I have ADHD, but the doctor does not seem to think so. The last thing I want is to be on medication however somethings Gotta give. She seems to think that I drink way too much coffee which is probably true. Addiction is a bitch. 

I am working on batching all of my Instagram posts for each month. Sit down, pop out a months worth of content and throw it in an app that posts it for me. I am going to do the same with YouTube. I want to have four videos a month one every Tuesday. It’s just sitting my ass down to record them and having it scripted out. Some people say they love how real I am when I mess up and I laugh at myself which I’m thankful for however sometimes when I start speaking I feel like a cat chasing its tail. 

I still don’t have my old memory back, which it’s been gone for many many many years. Thought it would be slowly coming back but so far not really happening. 

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